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Fish processing

In recent years, global consumption of fish has increased significantly. Discounts and supermarkets often order fish from private domestic farms, and customers are increasingly willing to buy them. In order to maintain the quality of the manufactured goods, it is essential that the OHS standards are strictly observed during production. The primary OHS measure is […]

Processing of fruit and vegetables

Working in the fruit and vegetable processing industry carries many risks. Interruption of skin continuity, allergic reactions caused by exposure to pesticides and other substances harmful to the skin on the hands – these are but a few of the hazards encountered in this industry every day. This means that is it essential to choose the […]

Meat processing

Meat processing is a crucial part of the Polish food industry. Although meat consumption is falling each year, our nation still enjoys meat preparations. Work in meat processing requires precision and knowledge of the butcher profession. In addition to single-use gloves, butcher gloves are often used. To minimise hand contact with meat products, we recommend […]

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