Light industry

Gloves for light industry

Light industry is an important segment of the Polish economy. Fabrics manufactured in our country are known all over the world – they help Polish fashion brands gain an increasing market share. Currently, our domestic light industry is recognisable around the whole world. However, people working in light industry facilities are exposed to many risks.

What to pay attention to?

To ensure their safety, there are several factors to take into account that will help to choose the right personal protective clothing. One of the most important features of gloves is their material. It should be appropriate for the type of daily work performed and condition of the skin. For skin prone to allergies, we recommend nitrile gloves.
It is also worth paying attention to the glove texture – it may improve grip when working with fine parts.

  • material and parameters in conformity with EU and ISO standards,
  • the highest resistance to mechanical damage,
  • material with barrier properties,
  • easy donning and secure grip, even in greasy and wet conditions,
  • high comfort at work also ensuring user safety.

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